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"I imagined a world depicted through colour, contrast and deep dimensions ... and so my passion for photography was born..."
Leslie Cardillo, Photographer

Born in England and internationally traveled, Leslie developed a passion for photography. His photographs reveal a unique story which unfolds through each image, and his gift in capturing memories in print provides a saved moment in time.

"The past presents itself as visions and images found in long corridors of time. The human mind perceives the past and tries to make a meaning out of it. Memories may be good or bad, but to make most of the past, one has to take screenshots of the glimpses that the past presents." anonymous

Leslie's artistic works have been showcased and exhibited around the world, and includes a Coffee Table book "Artistic Perception of Home", featuring selected photographs from his extensive work.

More recently, he has volunteered his time to photograph a cookbook, "Tickled Pink" from which 100% of the net profits are donated to breast cancer research.

Book your occasion in Ottawa, Canada, perhaps a wedding, family portrait, or a gathering of family and friends .... and capture a special moment in time forever on film.